Data Analytics with R


R is a Data Science/ Data Analytics Software solution that is used for statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modelling. R can be a complete, interactive, object-oriented language and it has been designed by statisticians, for statisticians and thus the language addresses most of the important things and issues that statisticians look for in a programming language.

R is gaining more popularity these days, first because of its open source & low cost, nature, and second because of the fact that big data tools like Hadoop are open source too and integration between these and other open source tools are seamless. And many a times the analytics tasks are ad-hoc and do not require a commercial tool. This is adding to the popularity of R tool. Thus, if you have to learn R, you need to look for R analytics training in Bangalore from a center that specializes in such courses.

Our Data Analytics with R course provides an in-depth knowledge of R and practical exposure as well as run various Analytics techniques on it. In this course we cover basics of Analytics also so that you become aware of theoretical aspects too.


  • 8 days Classroom
  • 30hrs of Live Training
  • Weekend Classes
  • Project based learning
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies
  • Real-world examples
  • Training By Industry Experts
  • Custom-designed courses


Case Studies 1:

Studying the Ozone data through Advanced Linear Regression to predict Ozone reading in a particular region. This case shall involve several Regression techniques to accurately predict Ozone data involving imputation and outlier treatment and multicollinearity.

Case Studies 2:

Studying the classic Titanic Dataset to study the passenger data , who travelled in Titanic and calculating their probability of survival and death through Logistic Regression. This case study will deal all the steps involved in a Logistic Regression implementation.

Case Studies 3:

Studying ‘Census Income’ dataset and applying classical Decision Tree algorithm to predict whether a Person’s income will exceed a threshold income of certain amount. Decision Tree is one of the simplest and effective Statistical Technique to use and use it for Predicting the output.

Case Studies 4:

Studying the Groceries dataset in R, to understand the transactions and quickly deriving the Business Rules to get a quick picture of hundred transactions and understanding the Association Mining.




Data and information are the most important assets of any company. With the right kinds of information, managements can take informed decisions. From sales and marketing to research and development, every department in the company requires access to valid and relevant data. The daily operations of a company greatly depend on getting the right information at the right time. All this points to one thing. There is a need for certified business analysts in the market. Moreover, if this trend continues, then we can hope to see an increasing demand for data analyst and faster development of data mining, manipulation, and visualization tools. So, it is important for you to update yourself on the latest trends and technologies in data analysis. You can take up R Analysis Online Training program offered by Gits Academy.

R is a data analytics software that is used for data manipulation, data visualization, and predictive modelling. This enterprise class statistical programming language can be run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, Teradata database, and Hadoop/Apache Spark. R Software provides a platform to store and retrieve huge volumes of data without any loss. Its lets you deploy huge statistical formulas and get accurate results.

Based in Bangalore, we offer R Programming Training for students and working professionals. We also offer training programs for corporate companies. Apart from R analytics, we offer other business analytics courses such as SAS essential, data science, big data, QlikView, Tableau, Spotfire, and more. All our training programs have both classroom sessions and live interactive sessions. We will assess the student’s performance based on the regular tests, projects, and assignments. Plus, the R Programming Online Training program includes real time scenarios and test cases that will allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge of the data visualization tool.

The curriculum of R Programming Training in Bangalore Gits Academy includes linear regression, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine, Deducer, Probability distribution, Logistic Regression, and Naive Bayes Model. You will also learn about R packages in detail. The trainers are subject matter experts with ample experience in the industry. They will use real world examples to explain the complex concepts of R-software.

Gits Academy awards a certificate for successful completion of the R Analysis Online Training program. This certificate will definitely boost your resume and give you an edge when you are applying for a job. If you’re employed, and are trying for a higher position, then this certification in R Analytics Online Training will surely add brownie points to your performance.

After you successfully complete the R Programming Online Training, you can avail our placement assistant services. We will help you find a good job that matches your qualification and skill set.

If you want to know more about our Online Course R Programming Training in Bangalore, you just need to fill up the form with your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us to enroll yourself in a training program or come to our head office at Bangalore.

R is a programming language. It is a open source scripting tool used for data Analytics and data Visualization. R can be a distinct option for traditional statistical packages, for example, SPSS, SAS, and Stata such that it is an extensible, open-source dialect and processing environment for Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux platforms.

Installation files for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be found at the website for the Comprehensive R Archive Network, site also contains documentation for downloading and installing the software on different operating systems. There is no cost for downloading and using R

In the event that you need to get information of Analytics and learn reasonable using so as to learn about it on Analytics Tools, for example, R then this is the right course for you.

After completion of this course, you will be able to do : Basic Probability & Statistics.

Machine Learning techniques – Classification, Association and Cluster Analysis.

Learn R in Detail : Learn how to carry out the following tasks in R – Data visualization, Probability distribution, Linear regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes Model, Decision Tree, KNN-K Nearest Neighborhood, Support Vector Machine. why Deducer is important for R. Learn in detail about Deducer. R packages like RCurl, rjsonio,lubridate,stringr,plyr,Hmisc,tm,wordcloud,twitteR

Work on a live project where you need to extract live social media data and do Data Analytics with R.